[Hackage] #279: Cabal-upload could have a smarter default

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Wed May 14 00:32:36 EDT 2008

#279: Cabal-upload could have a smarter default
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Difficulty:  normal              |   Ghcversion:  6.8.2  
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 Cabal-upload is a nice enough tool, but it doesn't have a good default: it
 just errors out if not specifically told exactly where to find a tarball.

 I think this could be smarter. cabal-upload will almost always be run in
 the top level of a cabal package. A much better default would be: if no
 arguments are given, cabal-upload looks in dist/ and if there is an
 appropriate tarball in it, uploads it.

 Smarter possibilities:
 * if there are multiple tarballs, instead of bailing out, cabal-upload
 just picks the highest numbered one.
 * before looking in dist/, do a runhaskell Setup sdist.


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