[Hackage] #233: case of Boolean values "true" and "false" should not matter

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#233: case of Boolean values "true" and "false" should not matter
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Comment (by duncan):

 Replying to [comment:6 ross]:
 > More generally, there have been a number of ad hoc introductions of case

 Have there? Any others in .cabal files?

 I know we have made cabal-install accept "haxml" for "HaXml" on the
 command line when that does cause ambiguity. That seems user friendly to

 We also wanted to prevent packages that differ only in case from being
 uploaded to hackage since we usually have to store package info in file
 systems and Windows and OS X use case insensitive file systems by default.
 Also, linux distros often like to lowercase package names and we want to
 avoid name collisions.

 > it's not clear what the guiding principles are.

 In the short term it's: improving the parser to allow future extensions
 without breaking existing installations.

 Beyond that I'm not sure there are any. Convenience I suppose, though
 shifting from convenience of implementation (ie ReadS) to convenience for
 the user (ie permissive parsing and good error messages). Some degree of
 consistency in syntax would be nice too :-)

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