[Hackage] #233: case of Boolean values "true" and "false" should not matter

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#233: case of Boolean values "true" and "false" should not matter
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Changes (by duncan):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  fixed =>


 I'm actually not sure this was the right thing. It creates a forwards
 compatibility problem.

 So currently everyone is using Cabal-1.2 which does not accept "true". Now
 with this patch, developers will start uploading packages to hackage that
 contain "true" and all the users of Cabal-1.2 will get very unhelpful
 parse errors.

 We've made a number of changes to the parser recently to make it handle
 unknown values better, but we've been pretty careful to not make it accept
 any new values so as not to cause forwards compat problems. Once the
 majority of people are using Cabal-1.4 or later then it'll be possible to
 introduce new valid parses without breaking Cabal-1.4.

 So I'm inclined to revert this patch, or at least change it so that "true"
 "false" are accepted but with a warning, and now allowed to be uploaded to

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