[Hackage] #263: Multiple compilers of the same version confuse Cabal

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#263: Multiple compilers of the same version confuse Cabal
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 It often happens that two or more copies of the same version of the same
 compiler are installed on a system. For example, the compiler can be
 with an installation package, or be built from the source tarball, or from
 or using MacPorts.

 If a package is installed for each of these copies of the compiler
 while allowing Cabal to use the default installation location each time,
 Cabal will always use the exact same folder. This leads to mayhem and

 Proposed solution:

 Cabal should also use the base path of the compiler when it constructs
 the directory name for the package, not just the compiler name and

 For example: If I install a package foo- --with-
 and the installation base path is /usr/local, then Cabal should install
 package into /usr/local/foo-

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