darcs patch: #221: specific include and library searc... (and 1 more)

Pepe Iborra mnislaih at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 16:32:05 EDT 2008

Mon Mar 17 19:12:03 CET 2008  Pepe Iborra <mnislaih at gmail.com>
  * #221: specific include and library search paths options
    This patch adds two new command line options to configure,
    --extra-include-dirs and extra-lib-dirs.
    These have effect over all the buildables in a project.
    What is missing now is support for reading these from the .cabal/config file.
    That will be done as part of ticket #223.

Mon Mar 17 21:30:15 CET 2008  Pepe Iborra <mnislaih at gmail.com>
  * #223 part 1: Extend Distribution.Command.Simple.Option
       so that it really represents an option and not just a flag.
       It's been renamed to OptionField as it models a field in a flags-like data structure. 
          data OptionField a = OptionField {
            optionName        :: Name,
            optionDescr       :: [OptDescr a] }
          data OptDescr a  = ReqArg Description OptFlags ArgDescr (ReadE (a->a))         (a -> [String])
                           | OptArg Description OptFlags ArgDescr (ReadE (a->a)) (a->a)  (a -> [Maybe String])
                           | ChoiceOpt [(Description, OptFlags, a->a, a -> Bool)]
  			 | BoolOpt Description OptFlags{-True-} OptFlags{-False-} (Bool -> a -> a) (a -> Bool)
        An option field can expand to several command line options, which are all defined together.
        For example, the compiler flag is defined as follows.
              option [] ["compiler"] "compiler"
                 configHcFlavor (\v flags -> flags { configHcFlavor = v })
                 (choiceOpt [ (Flag GHC, ("g", ["ghc"]), "compile with GHC")
                            , (Flag NHC, ([] , ["nhc98"]), "compile with NHC")
                            , (Flag JHC, ([] , ["jhc"]), "compile with JHC")
                            , (Flag Hugs,([] , ["hugs"]), "compile with Hugs")])
        We can need to use several kinds of OptDescr for the same option, as in the 
        optimization Option (really a extreme case):
              ,multiOption "optimization"
                 configOptimization (\v flags -> flags { configOptimization = v })
                 [optArg' "n" (Flag . flagToOptimisationLevel)
                          "Build with optimization (n is 0--2, default is 1)",
                  noArg (Flag NoOptimisation) []
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