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#89: Sharing of object files between executable builds?
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 Replying to [comment:4 guest]:
 > I'd mention that this lack of sharing between sections has bitten me
 recently (as in an error and not an inefficiency sense) while I was
 updating Greencard.

 I don't think this is your problem. Your problem is that there's no way to
 specify that a build-tool dependency is in fact provided by a particular
 package and further that there is no way to get that kind of dependency
 between libraries/executables in the same package.

 The sharing is incidental, having it would not fix your problem.

 > It's otherwise happy, and it begins chasing down the files. Everything
 in 'Executable greencard'? Good. .lhs and .hs files, no sweat. Everything
 in 'Library'? Uh oh! This 'lib/Foreign/GreenCard.gc', it requires
 > And the build barfs. Which is silly, since it could and would be able to
 build the greencard necessary for the library!

 It'd be able to build that executable but it would not know to use it as
 the greencard tool. See #227.

 > I think I'm going to have split greencard up, and have a greencard and
 greencard-lib, making greencard-lib depend on greencard. This was the
 solution I used the last time I encountered a problem like this...

 Sounds sensible.

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