patch applied (cabal-install): Improve 'cabal list'

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sun Mar 2 14:49:38 EST 2008

Sat Mar  1 12:21:17 PST 2008  Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at>
  * Improve 'cabal list'
  Make the output of 'cabal list' prettier. 
  $ cabal list xmonad
   * xmonad
        Latest version available: 0.6
        Latest installed version: 0.6
        Category: System
        Synopsis: A tiling window manager
        License:  BSD3
   * xmonad-contrib ...[snip]
  Very much like the gentoo tools eix and esearch.
  This targets part of ticket #235. It still does not show packages that are
  installed but not available.

    M ./Hackage/List.hs -18 +58
    M ./Main.hs -1 +3

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