[Hackage] #128: cabal building broken libraries when module list is not complete

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#128: cabal building broken libraries when module list is not complete
  Reporter:  m at tel.netbeisser.de  |        Owner:           
      Type:  defect               |       Status:  new      
  Priority:  normal               |    Milestone:  Cabal-2.0
 Component:  Cabal library        |      Version:  1.1.6    
  Severity:  major                |   Resolution:           
  Keywords:                       |   Difficulty:  normal   
Ghcversion:  6.6                  |     Platform:           
Comment (by claus):

 Replying to [comment:5 duncan]:
 > Sure it's a bug but it's a bug that depends on a huge new feature.

 Is Cabal dependency chasing scheduled to be available after the summer?
 Actually, it is a bit confusing that there are two separate "dependency
 chasing" issues floating around (between packages and inside packages; why
 not have one chaser, then extract either packages or modules?). This
 ticket seems to be blocked on #15, but #159 claimed to have implemented
 that 9 months ago?

 > The problem is exactly that we're using the compiler's dependency
 chasing. It can find modules that we did not know about which makes it
 work at build time but then we miss things in the link phase.

 Which is why I asked for "test installs", ie, temporarily install package,
 then change to tmp dir and try to load installed package. If that fails,
 there was an unrecorded local dependency and, to some extent, vice-versa.
 Of course, that would depend on a working "uninstall" command (#106,

 Btw, even while you're using the compiler's dependency chasing, doesn't
 that tell you which modules it finds and uses (GHC does)?

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