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#258: case confusion - cabal vs Cabal
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Comment (by duncan):

 Note that `cabal-install` is mostly case insensitive in its user
 interface. For example:

 cabal list opengl
 cabal install opengl

 Will work just fine. That's because "opengl" is not ambiguous. If there
 were an "Opengl" and an "OpenGl" package then `cabal list opengl` would
 list both, but `cabal install opengl` would complain and you'd have to use
 `cabal install OpenGL` exactly.

 It's ok for distro packages to use all lower case even if the haskell
 package uses mixed case. The promise is that there will be no overlaps
 (with the one exception that packages can rename themselves to a different
 case, but in that case it's still really the same package.)

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