[Hackage] #206: cabal-install should be able to generate haddock docs

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#206: cabal-install should be able to generate haddock docs
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 FWIW, I think Daniel's idea isn't quite right.

 In an ideal world, we could do configure && build && haddock && install -
 but lots of packages might not work. They may need 2.0 Haddock instead of
 0.8; they may use the -- ^ syntax for a 'type' declaration (a known
 regression in Haddock 2.0, and a fatal bug); or something else entirely.
 So documentation could *easily* fail to build even when the
 library/executable works perfectly.

 A better approach would be to build and install, and if that works, go
 back and try to build Haddocks in a way non-prejudical to the overall
 build process. (In my shell scripts, it looks something like "configure &&
 build && install; haddock && install".)

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