Misplacement of installed binaries

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 16:10:37 EDT 2008


>  > I suspect that most people should be doing global installs, and that
>  > local installs should be a secondary option. Not having write access
> So is that a vote in favour of doing global installs by default on
>  windows or not? Does anyone know what happens when you try to do a
>  global install on Vista? I only have access to Win2k3 (as non-admin).

A vote in favour of global installs if possible. On Vista you will
probably get an incredibly annoying alert from the OS, although I
think most real developers will turn that feature off in the first 5

>  So for the case that we do not have write permission for Program Files
>  and we do have to do a local install, what directory would you suggest
>  we use?

No idea.

I guess there are arguments both ways, so I'd stick with how it is
currently. However, the GHC and Hugs installers should probably both
add these extra locations to the %PATH% environment variable.



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