GHC's CPP and Cabal's unlit

Alistair Bayley alistair at
Thu Jan 31 10:46:11 EST 2008

> To be honest, it's not clear to me that we need any distinction at all
> since people can just swap the order of the comments:
> -- some more comments about x
> --
> -- | A description of x
> x = ...

Yes, this is not a good motivating example, just an example. However,
a good motivating example is named chunks, which we use in Takusen's
Database.Enumerator module. The chucks are all placed at the end of
the file. A given chunk may contain many paragraphs, but it must
consist of a single comment block. Separate chunks must be in separate
comment blocks (I assume; I haven't actually tested this).


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