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#225: allow installing just specific bits, like just docs
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Difficulty:  normal         |   Ghcversion:  6.8.2  
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 Sometimes people would like to build and install just part of a cabal
 project, e.g. the documentation or one of the libraries or binaries.
 Specific use-cases are packaging for OS distro's and generating Haddock
 docs for code that was installed without it (cf the current state of

 Igloo proposes the following user interface:


 As long as docs, license and binaries can be (de)selected individually I
 don't really mind.

 If you want a concrete suggestion, we could have `--foo` and `--no-foo`
 for each thing, with the default being `--all` and the command line being
 processed left-to-right, e.g.

 cabal install --no-haddock-interfaces --docs --no-html

 would install

  * all (which wouldn't actually contain anything)
  * docs (which wouldn't actually contain anything)
  * haddock-interfaces
  * license
  * everything under binaries


 I broadly agree, but am slightly concerned there are dependencies amongst
 the various things that his syntax does not respect (e.g. one may need to
 install the libraries - e.g. one depending on a foreign library - in order
 to get a binary working). So either we have to vet the command lines or
 coarsen the flags. I hope Duncan and Igloo can draw on their packaging
 experience and determine what is actually useful.

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