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#115: showFilePath/showToken dodgy characters
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 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:  1.1.6 
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Ghcversion:  6.6            |     Platform:  Linux 
Comment (by duncan):

 Actually I think this is ok.

 So `showFilePath` and `parseFilePathQ` are the two inverses that are used
 by many fields.

 parseFilePathQ = parseTokenQ

 parseTokenQ = parseReadS <++ munch1 (\x -> not (isSpace x) && x /= ',')

 `parseReadS` is a parser that uses `Read`, which for a `String` of course
 means parsing an ordinary Haskell string in quotes with escapes etc.

 The alternative then, if it is not surrounded in quotes, is a token is a
 bunch of characters that is not a space or ','. " and \ would be
 interpreted as it, eg `foo"bar\"baz` would all be one token. So
 correspondingly, the only characters that would cause a problem when
 pretty printing are spaces and ',', in which case we should use the
 standard `show` for `String`.

 So for example this means that '\' in Windows paths does not need to be
 escaped unless you use `"C:\\Foo\Bar"` in Haskell string syntax.

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