[Hackage] #221: a generic way for cabal-install to specify external dependencies

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#221: a generic way for cabal-install to specify external dependencies
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 Cabal-install needs a way to specify external dependencies, so that re-
 install can be made as automatic as possible. The fact that Cabal records
 the 3rd digit version in the path indicates a diligent user has to re-
 install all the packages on every new 3rd-digit dot release. Exanples are
 HDBC-ODBC and regex-pcre.

 This issue was raised in

 It was discussed before and Tim had one suggestion:


 I suggest to have a config-replacement file (or a section in
 .cabal/config) as such:

 package: SDL
     include-dirs: c:\libs\SDL\include

 When cabal-install attempts to install SDL in this case, it will replace
 the line "include-dirs" in <package>.cabal with what is suggested in the
 config-replacement file.

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