[Hackage] #220: detect inconsistent package dependencies

Isaac Dupree isaacdupree at charter.net
Sun Jan 27 17:44:00 EST 2008

hmm, couldn't figure out a way to login to reply.

Hackage wrote:
>  Replying to [ticket:220 duncan]:
>  > The longer term solution is to allow installing multiple instances of
>  the same versions of a package built against different versions of its
>  dependencies. This is the functional Nix approach however it would
>  probably also require support from ghc.
>  Couldn't this lead to an exponential explosion in the number of package
>  instances?

only if you *actually* install all possible combinations, which seems 
unlikely.  If you're worried about all the old cruft hanging around 
taking up space, maybe looking at Nix's garbage collection and other 
features would be good sharing of experience.  Maybe (with the user's 
permission) pre-emptively upgrading some things sometimes would help... 
not sure.


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