[Hackage] #213: allow wildcards in data-files or extra-source-files?

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Thu Jan 24 09:54:30 EST 2008

#213: allow wildcards in data-files or extra-source-files?
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Difficulty:  normal         |   Ghcversion:  6.8.2  
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 Some packages end up with very very long fields for data-files or extra-
 source-files. Is this a problem? Should we allow some kind of globing to
 make it a bit less verbose?

 extra-source-files: cbits/*.h
 c-sources: cbits/*.c

 On the other hand, there is a danger with globing that you pick up too
 many files. Perhaps we can counter that by making the globing rather
 restrictive, like no subdirectory recursion, and only allowing *'s in the
 final directory component, so no {{{data/*/*}}} patterns. Is there a sweet
 spot that allows conciseness without including too much accidentally?

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