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#212: Overhaul Cabal's testsuite
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Difficulty:  very hard (<1 week)  |   Ghcversion:  6.8.2  
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 The current testsuite based on HUnit is almost completely bitrotted.

 Anyone who wants to take this on has essentially a completely clean slate
 to work from.

 The current system is split into two parts. There are hunit tests in many
 of the modules guarded by #ifdef DEBUG. Then there are external tests in
 the `tests/` subdirectory. The #ifdef DEBUG style is annoying since it
 involves using more CPP than seem really necessary.

 A couple notes from the old `TODO` file:
 ** add a make target or command for tests we know will fail?
 ** setup test suite to run on --push?
 ** redirect non-hunit outputs to a file?

 One possibility that is available to us now that was not before is using
 the hackage collection as part of a regression test. For example it should
 always be possible to parse all the `.cabal` files in the index.

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