[Hackage] #184: cabal-install should report build results to hackage server

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Sun Jan 20 12:13:57 EST 2008

#184: cabal-install should report build results to hackage server
  Reporter:  duncan              |        Owner:                 
      Type:  enhancement         |       Status:  new            
  Priority:  high                |    Milestone:                 
 Component:  cabal-install tool  |      Version:        
  Severity:  normal              |   Resolution:                 
  Keywords:                      |   Difficulty:  project(> week)
Ghcversion:  6.4.2               |     Platform:  Linux          
Changes (by duncan):

  * priority:  normal => high
  * difficulty:  normal => project(> week)


 There are various sub-tasks:

  * Make cabal install not fail overall just because one package fails.
 There should be a mode to carry on and build all remaining packages that
 did not depend on the failed package. This requires keeping a full dep
 graph while installing, not just a linear list of packages.
  * Define a build report data type
  * Generate a build report for each
  * Collect build reports in a local file
  * Upload build reports to hackage at appropriate points. Perhaps new
 reports should be sent at the same that the package index or tarballs are
  * Implement server side script to allow reports to be uploaded. Have to
 decide where and how reports are stored. Obvious choice is a log file per
 package-version. Or some other kind of data base and index. The
 considerations here are in keeping the reports anonymous and what queries
 we will want to run on the reports.
  * Implement the statistical analysis necessary to distill the reports
 into useful information per-package. Present this info on each package

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