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#208: Support program prefixes and suffixes
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 GNU autoconf has these configure flags:

     Specifies a prefix which should be added to the name of a program when
     installing it. For example, using `--program-prefix=g' when
     a program normally named `tar' will cause the installed program to be
     named `gtar' instead.

     Specifies a suffix which should be appended to the name of a program
     when installing it.

 This would be handy for appending program versions to allow installing
 multiple versions of the same program. For example:

 cabal configure --program-prefix='$version'

 So I can end up with `haddock-0.9` and `haddock-` in my `~/bin`

 Distros that use 'alternatives' systems might like to use this feature.

 This should be fairly easy to implement, as the prefix/suffix can be
 parsed and represented as a `PathTemplate`, which handles `$version` vars
 etc. The prefix/suffix would need to be propagated into the
 `LocalBuildInfo` (and probably var-substituted into an ordinary `String`
 at that point) and then used when generating the binary name.

 This would be particularly handy in combination with a cabal-install
 feature to symlink newly-installed versions of programs into an
 alternative directory. For example we might install versioned binaries
 into ~/.cabal/bin by default and symlink the latest into ~/bin. Or we
 might symlink versioned links to each version, and an unversioned link to
 the latest one that got installed. Anyway, there's room for exploration
 there as to the best default.

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