[Hackage] #317: filter -threaded when profiling is on

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Mon Dec 22 12:18:40 EST 2008

#317: filter -threaded when profiling is on
  Reporter:  gbacon         |        Owner:                     
      Type:  enhancement    |       Status:  new                
  Priority:  normal         |    Milestone:                     
 Component:  Cabal library  |      Version:  HEAD               
  Severity:  minor          |   Resolution:                     
  Keywords:                 |   Difficulty:  very easy (<1 hour)
Ghcversion:  6.8.2          |     Platform:                     
Changes (by mornfall):

  * priority:  low => normal


 This breaks --enable-*-profiling for darcs as well. Since the autoconf-
 based build knows about this and we are trying to move to purely cabal-
 based solution, I use this as a justification for the priority bump.
 Thanks Duncan!

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