Dependencies in user repository

Lars Kotthoff lists at
Wed Dec 3 03:47:39 EST 2008

> It should just work with the --user option, so we'll need more details.
> What ghc version are you using exactly?


> If it's ghc-6.8.x, is the file for the user package db reported by
> ghc-pkg list correct? What is the output of ghc-pkg list?

    Cabal-, Cabal-, HUnit-, array-,
    base-, binary-0.4.4, bytestring-,
    containers-, directory-, filepath-,
    (ghc-6.8.3), haskell98-, hpc-, html-,
    mtl-, old-locale-, old-time-,
    packedstring-, parsec-, pretty-,
    process-, random-, readline-,
    regex-base-0.93.1, regex-compat-0.92, regex-posix-0.93.2, rts-1.0,
    template-haskell-, time-, unix-
    binary-0.4.2, dlist-0.4.1

The required but not found dependency is dlist-0.4.1.

It looks to me as if cabal isn't parsing the second part of the output (the one
from the user repository). If I require the specific version of binary in there,
it also complains that it wasn't able to find it.


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