[Hackage] #330: Take non-haddock documentation in account

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Wed Aug 20 12:31:28 EDT 2008

#330: Take non-haddock documentation in account
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Difficulty:  normal         |   Ghcversion:  6.8.2  
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 The generation and installation of Non-Haddock documentation (README and
 INSTALL files, LaTeX and Docbook tutorials/guides, Haskell examples using
 the package in question) is not currently taken in account by Cabal.

 Making Cabal understand how to generate documentation for all those
 formats would probably be too ambitious, but it could be eased (e.g.
 letting the user provide Makefiles instead of creating custom hooks).

 More importantly, the installation of documentation would be much easier
 with a new package property such as "doc-files" ("data-files" nor "extra-
 source-files" are semantically suitable).

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