Cabal partial builds

Peter Gammie peteg42 at
Tue Apr 8 23:49:32 EDT 2008


On 08/04/2008, at 10:01 PM, Andrea Vezzosi wrote:

> You can almost get that with cabal configurations and the field  
> Buildable:
> [...]
> Flag devel
>   Default: False
> [...]
> Executable foo
>   if flag(devel)
>     Buildable: False
> [...]
> With that if you pass --flags="devel" to configure the executable  
> foo won't be built.

Thanks for the advice. Coincidentally I started down that path  
yesterday, and it somewhat works.

I have a problem with package dependencies now. I've attached  
the .cabal file and build -v output below.

In brief: I want to build a bunch of binaries that depend more-or-less  
on the same packages. 'configure' goes through fine, but then Cabal  
does not include the packages in the 'build' step. Clearly I have to  
state the dependencies another way, but is there one that avoids a lot  
of repetition?


name:		site
version:	0.1
license:	BSD3
license-file:	../LICENSE
author:		peteg42 at gmail dot com
category:	Text
synopsis:	A Hope site
description:	Build binaries for a Hope site.
build-type:     Simple
cabal-version:  >= 1.2

Flag FastCGI
      description: Build a Fast CGI binary.
      default:	  False

Flag Import
      description: Build the import binaries.
      default:	  False

Executable hope.cgi
   if flag(FastCGI)
     buildable: False
   GHC-Options: -Wall
   Hs-Source-Dirs: .
   c-sources: ghc_rts_opts.c
   Main-Is: Hope/CGI.hs

Executable hope.fcgi
   if !flag(FastCGI)
     buildable: False
     build-depends: fastcgi
   GHC-Options: -Wall
   Hs-Source-Dirs: .
   c-sources: ghc_rts_opts.c
   Main-Is: Hope/FastCGI.hs

Executable elibrary
   if !flag(Import)
     buildable: False
   build-depends: hope-elibrary
   GHC-Options: -Wall
   Hs-Source-Dirs: .
   Main-Is: Import/ELibrary.hs

Executable news
   if !flag(Import)
     buildable: False
   GHC-Options: -Wall
   Hs-Source-Dirs: .
   Main-Is: Import/News.hs

Executable user
   if !flag(Import)
     buildable: False
   GHC-Options: -Wall
   Hs-Source-Dirs: .
   Main-Is: Import/User.hs

$ runghc Setup d -v
Creating dist/build (and its parents)
Creating dist/build/autogen (and its parents)
Preprocessing executables for site-0.1...
Building site-0.1...
Building executable: hope.cgi...
Creating dist/build/hope.cgi (and its parents)
Creating dist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp (and its parents)
Building C Sources.
Creating dist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp (and its parents)
/usr/bin/ghc -package hope-elibrary-0.1 -optc-O2 -odir dist/build/ 
hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp -c ghc_rts_opts.c
/usr/bin/ghc -o dist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi --make -hide-all-packages  
-i -idist/build/autogen -idist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp -i. -Idist/ 
build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp -odir dist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp - 
hidir dist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp -package hope-elibrary-0.1 -O - 
Wall dist/build/hope.cgi/hope.cgi-tmp/ghc_rts_opts.o ./Hope/CGI.hs

     Could not find module `Network.CGI':
       it is a member of package cgi-3001.1.5.1, which is hidden

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