[Hackage] #179: support GHC's main-is extension

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#179: support GHC's main-is extension
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 It seems the meaning of the -main-is switch for GHC and the Main-Is
 build option for Cabal executables differ. With GHC, I can point to
 any function "main" in any module, but in Cabal I must point to a
 filename with precisely the module name "Main". This is tying my hands
 with regard to organizing a default executable and exposing some of
 its functionality as a library. Is there a way to get around this

 Concretely, I want to point Cabal's Main-Is to Program/Main.hs
 which starts with

   module Program.Main where

 instead of just

   module Main where

 So in GHC it has this meaning:


 -main-is thing

 The normal rule in Haskell is that your program must supply a
 main function in module Main. When testing, it is often
 convenient to change which function is the "main" one, and
 the -main-is flag allows you to do so. The thing can be one of:

 A lower-case identifier foo. GHC assumes that the main
 function is Main.foo.

     An module name A. GHC assumes that the main function
     is A.main.

     An qualified name A.foo. GHC assumes that the main
     function is A.foo.

 In Cabal the {{{main-is:}}} field specifies the '''file name''' of the
 Main module.

 GHC's {{{-main-is}}} flag is an extension to Haskell that is not supported
 by the other Haskell implementations.

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