[Hackage] #172: cabal-install segfaults

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#172: cabal-install segfaults
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      Type:  defect         |       Status:  new   
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 Component:  cabal-install  |      Version:        
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  Keywords:                 |   Difficulty:  normal
Ghcversion:  6.6            |     Platform:  Linux 
Comment (by duncan):

 Thanks, so it's clearly a bug in the zlib binding. For one thing we should
 not be calling inflateInit2 in such a way that it returns an error code
 and secondly in the situation that it does return an error we should raise
 an exception and not segfault.

 So this will require a bit of work, debugging with that version of zlib.
 As a workaround, you could modify the zlib.cabal package description to
 always use the bundled zlib-1.2.3 code rather than using the system zlib.
 Currently it only uses the bundled version on windows. In fact that would
 be an interesting experiment.

 My guess is that the behavior is slightly different between the zlib 1.1
 and 1.2 series, though obviously it would be good if the zlib binding
 could work with both versions if that version is still widely deployed.

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