Hi Folks! I'll be your biat.. er SoC student for the following 3 months...

Thomas Schilling nominolo at googlemail.com
Sun May 27 15:18:36 EDT 2007

The Wiki-page is at

On 5/27/07, Thomas Schilling <nominolo at googlemail.com> wrote:
> .. and as you probably all know, I am going to implement
> cabal-configurations.  (And for those who didn't know--SoC stands for
> Summer of Code and Google pays me for fixing your problems!) My mentor
> is Isaac Jones, aka. SyntaxNinja.
> I'll be working based on this e-mail
> http://www.mail-archive.com/cabal-devel@haskell.org/msg00195.html, as
> this is the one linked from the bug tracker.  I'll also consider the
> previous discussions on this mailing list as some guidelines
> (motivation, ideas behind it, etc.).
> Here's a snipped of the official project timeline
> (http://code.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=60325&topic=10729):
> .-----------------------------------------------------
> May 28: Students begin coding for their GSoC projects; Google begins
> issuing initial student payments
> Interim Period: Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on
> their projects
> July 9: Students upload code to code.google.com/hosting; mentors begin
> mid-term evaluations
> July 16: Mid-term evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing mid-term
> student payments
> August 20: Students upload code to code.google.com/hosting; mentors
> begin final evaluations; students begin final program evaluations
> August 31: Final evaluation deadline; Google begins issuing student
> and mentoring organization payments
> '-----------------------------------------------------
> There are some minor modifications I have to / want to make.  Firstly,
> I'll won't be able to work full time for the first two weeks as I have
> exams in the first and a summer course in the second.  In essence, I
> assume that I'll work about half the time.  Secondly, I plan to use
> darcs locally and push to some haskell.org SoC repo every day; this
> way I can't be blamed for loss of work if my disk crashes and you can
> see (and maybe even use) my latest version.  Isaac also suggested that
> I maintain a wiki page where I post weekly progress reports.  My blog
> is on Planet Haskell, but I'd rather not spam this with this kind of
> stuff.  (But I will use it for announcing notable progress that might
> be helpful for others, or for getting attention/input on certain
> community-relevant design decisions.)
> The current schedule Isaac and I have put up looks roughly like this:
> Week 1: Parser & unit tests for parser
>  - This should be relatively straightforward.  I'll refrain from using
> Parsec, though, in order to avoid dependecies.
> Week 2-3: Constraint solver implementation and testing
>  - I'll start with the naive algorithm, but I guess I need to add some
> more clever testing.
> After that, we, in principle, have cabal-configurations.  But I'm
> afraid that's just the beginning of the real work.
> Week 4: Study a variety of packages and their needs, select a handful
> to write configurations for (I plan to ask for some suggestions a bit
> earlier).  Write the configurations and suggest any needed
> improvements to syntax or capabilities (discuss on list).  Post
> examples for everyone to look at (using IRC, wiki, and list).
> Week 5-8: Most likely there will come up some problems, feature
> request bug-reports or similar.  I therefore reserve these for
> handling those tasks.  Due to latency of communication over internet,
> I'll probably have some time to fill.  But I guess the bug tracker
> will always be helpful with that.
> Week 9: Integration into mainline Cabal branch and work with Duncan to
> prepare a release candidate.  (Might be scheduled earlier if things go
> well)
> Week 10-12: Analyze most important Cabal bugs and fix them, meanwhile,
> support release candidate.
>  _
> |_|
> This is obviously a rather loose schedule, so if you have any
> comments/critics/suggestions, feel free to post them here.
> Regards,
> / Thomas
> PS:  Duncan / Isaac, can one of you get me that darcs + trac account?
> (If I don't get any response here, I'll try again in private.)
> --
> "Remember! Everytime you say 'Web 2.0' God kills a startup!" -
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"Remember! Everytime you say 'Web 2.0' God kills a startup!" -
userfriendly.org, Jul 31, 2006

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