Converting Yhc to use Cabal

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Jun 20 10:15:23 EDT 2007

Hi Stefan,

> I beleive that the best approach would be to split the York build system
> into separate build systems for yhc/yhi/etc.  Yhi, being a pure C
> program, can use a system designed for pure C, such as autotools.

Which doesn't really like Windows, so isn't really an option...

>  Yhc,
> being pure Haskell, would be a much better fit for Cabal than the York
> toolchain currently is considered as a whole.

The intention is to initially make Yhc compile with Cabal, and have
"scons build yhc" just fork off Cabal to do the work. Gradually it
would be nice to move more bits into Cabal.



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