Cabal -extra-lib-dirs and -rpath, also framework-dirs

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Jun 4 07:06:18 EDT 2007

Duncan Coutts wrote:

>> 2. Cabal doesn't recognise "framework-dirs" as a field name, even though 
>> it shows up in "ghc-pkg describe".
> Yes, cabal does not currently support that field. It probably should.
> The format used by ghc-pkg is quite similar to the cabal format, but not
> exactly the same, so don't be surprised by things appearing in one and
> not the other, or having slightly different names or meanings.

Yes, this is an important point.  The ghc-pkg format is InstalledPackageInfo, see

whereas the .cabal file contains a PackageDescription, which is quite a 
different beast.  They happen to look similar and contain several fields in 
common, though.

It might be reasonable for .cabal to have framework-dirs, but I don't know 
anything about frameworks... anyone?


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