Automatic generation of documentation for HackageDB

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Sat Jul 28 03:19:42 EDT 2007

> Hi Sascha,
> On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 07:55:22AM +0200, Sascha Böhme wrote:
> > 
> > HackageDB [1] now contains automatically generated build logs for some
> > packages, most of them also have automatically generated Haddock
> > documentation. This is, for now, the result of my Google Summer of Code
> > project.
> Great stuff!
> >   Should build logs of erroneous packages be mailed to the package
> >   maintainer?
> If it would be one e-mail on upload then I think that's reasonable.
> We don't want to be automatically sending a mail a day or anything,
> though.
> >   Are there more feature requests?
> Can we have contents/index pages covering (the latest version of) all
> packages, to replace the link to
> on the frontpage, please?
> In case it's useful, here's the script GHC uses to generate it:
> The hackage version probably doesn't want to have all the header and
> footer text, as there would be far too much of it.

While we're here, is it possible to get the full log of uploaded
packages? I'd like to extract this automatically for the HWN, but
currently the rss feed just cuts off at 15 items -- we sometimes get
more than 15 items a week, and the HWN is not so weekly anyway.

-- Don

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