Need a username for Hackage

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Sun Jul 8 10:35:56 EDT 2007

On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 03:29:49PM +0100, Neil Mitchell wrote:
> >The affected packages having FilePath instead of filepath in their
> >dependency lists are:
> >
> >dfsbuild
> >HSH
> >hpodder
> Yes, unfortunately I originally picked the name FilePath, but all the
> standard GHC packages follow the filepath convention, hence it got
> modified. I strongly suggest that upper case letters be banned from
> Cabal packages, or this is going to happen again and again.

As I understand it the problem was actually that you had filepath.cabal
(lowercase) containing "name: FilePath" (mixed case) (it might have
been the other way round), which upsets hackage as they don't match.

FWIW, Cabal and Win32 are examples of non-lower-case core libraries.


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