Hackage plan

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 16 05:02:39 EST 2007

While at the Hackathon, Björn, Ross, Ian, myself and others collected some ideas 
for directions in which Hackage (the web interface primarily, as opposed to 
cabal-install) should develop.   I put everything in this wiki page:


It's quite rough, but I think it's a good starting point.

I suggest we do some more brainstorming and flesh out that page, and then 
extract a "plan" for how to proceed.  Of course the plan shouldn't be single 
threaded - there will be tasks that can be tackled independently, but there will 
necessarily be dependencies.  For example there are lots of things that can't be 
done until we have automatic package building of some kind.  We should have some 
milestones, focussed towards getting to a point that the system is usable 
quickly, and adding the bells & whistles later.

First off we have two web interfaces: Ross's and Lemmih's.  Ross's lets you 
upload.  In due course having multiple web interfaces is certainly a 
possibility, but for now we need to focus our limited efforts in one place.  I 
suggest Ross's inteface, being the closest to being usable, is the right place 
to start.

Ross - is it possible to write some simple instructions describing how to set up 
the web interface on a local machine for development/testing?


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