new Darcs-Repository field?

Bjorn Bringert bringert at
Mon Jan 15 17:55:49 EST 2007

On Jan 15, 2007, at 16:54 , Simon Marlow wrote:

> Ross Paterson wrote:
>> Björn Bringert suggested that the Hackage page for a package should
>> include a link to the Darcs repo (if any, but who uses anything  
>> else?)
>> and maybe some darcs integration such as changelogs and the like.
>> To make this work, we'd need a URL-valued Darcs-Repository field  
>> in the
>> package description.
> Trac uses a syntax like 'VC:FILE' for the repo, eg. 'darcs:/home/ 
> darcs/ghc'. Perhaps we could do the same, something like
> source-repository: darcs:
> or is that too many colons? :)  The syntax of the thing after the  
> 'darcs:' is entirely VC-dependent, of course.

I think that we may also need to be able to specify a directory  
inside a darcs repo, since many darcs repos contain multiple Cabal  
packages. For example, the Cabal repo contains Cabal, cabal-setup and  
cabal-install. I guess programs could just search in the repo for  
a .cabal file for the right package, but that means having to do a  
darcs get.  Whether that's ok or not depends on what the field is  
used for I suppose.


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