Using Cabal for dependancies

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Sun Jan 14 12:53:00 EST 2007


The Yhc compiler depends on an increasingly large number of Cabal
packages - mtl and FilePath at the moment, but soon thats likely to
increase by at least 3. Cabal is not yet mature enough to compile Yhc,
and fitting in a compile of bits with Cabal will be quite hard because
of the existing complexity in Scons.

So what we'd really like to do is be able to call "cabal
check-its-installed FilePath", which would return an appropriate exit
code. If it wasn't installed then a darcs get, followed by a "cabal
install-it-please" would be very handy.

Does cabal-install provide the necessary bits for this? What is the
result of installing a package that is already installed? How long til
this kind of solution will be widely enough deployed that we can
actually use it? Does anyone else have any other suggestions?



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