new Darcs-Repository field?

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sun Jan 7 16:30:49 EST 2007

On Thu, 2007-01-04 at 15:15 +0000, Ross Paterson wrote:
> Björn Bringert suggested that the Hackage page for a package should
> include a link to the Darcs repo (if any, but who uses anything else?)
> and maybe some darcs integration such as changelogs and the like.
> To make this work, we'd need a URL-valued Darcs-Repository field in the
> package description.

I think this is a good idea.

Can we get away with only allowing darcs? :-)

Here's what gentoo has for its global overlay configuration file (a
gentoo overlay is a tree of ebuild files usually managed in a version
control system):

      type = "svn"
      src  = ""
      contact = "sci at"
      status  = "official"
      name = "science">

      type = "rsync"
      src  = "rsync://"
      contact = ""
      name = "break-my-gentoo-main">

      type = "darcs"
      src  = ""
      contact = "haskell at"
      status = "official"
      name = "haskell">

      type = "tar"
      src  = ""
      contact = "h.mth at"
      name = "openoffice-geki">

etc, you get the idea. So they have a 'type' field as well as a url for
it. We could do the same and for the moment only implement stuff for

How about:


Hmm ok, not so good. Someone come up with something less cryptic :-)


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