Dependencies/backwards compatibility in Hackage

Isaac Jones ijones at
Sun Feb 4 23:33:10 EST 2007

"Sven Moritz Hallberg" <sm at> writes:

> Ross Paterson <ross at>, 2007-02-01 12.14 +0000:
>> We could decide on a standard interpretation of version numbers, e.g.
>> major.minor.patch.  To support this, we'd want wildcards like 1.13.*
>> in version ranges.
> Sounds compelling, but will everyone want/agree to follow that scheme?

I think we should just declare such a standard.  Very few people care
about version numbers outside of ghc-pkg, hackage, and cabal.  If we
pick something that works for us, I suspect that the majority of
people will just go along, as long as it's reasonable.

Does anyone want to declare such a standard? :)



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