Dependencies/backwards compatibility in Hackage

Björn Bringert bringert at
Thu Feb 1 11:18:46 EST 2007

Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> Neil Mitchell wrote:
>> We're all assuming here that HaXml deliberately decided to change the
>> interface. Is that really true? (only Malcolm can answer)
> Yes, it's true.  Even a non-Malcolm such as myself can answer this, 
> because of the magnitude of the changes from 1.13 to 1.17.  HaXml is 
> somewhere in the process of a big spring cleaning.
> The real question that only Malcolm can answer is how far through the 
> process of tidying up it is.  That bears on whether it's worth bringing 
> haxr up to date; if there's more churn ahead, the answer is probably 
> "not yet".

If an experimental HaXml version was added to Hackage, it should be 
tagged as such in some way. A cheapo way to do that is to call the 
package "HaXml-experimental" or some such.


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