proxy server patch needs testing

jim burton jim at
Sat Dec 22 05:47:24 EST 2007

This patch for cabal-install adds code to try to get the system proxy
settings from the right place and use them for any HTTP requests. It
works for me on windows and linux behind a proxy that doesn't require
authentication, but it needs testing, esp on windows (location of the
registry settings might differ from what I hear) -- can anyone help with



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New patches:

[Added support for users behind proxy servers, reading system settings from the env var on unix or registry on windows
<jim at>**20071221201500] {
addfile ./Hackage/HttpUtils.hs
hunk ./Hackage/Fetch.hs 25
-import Network.HTTP (ConnError(..), Request (..), simpleHTTP
-                           , Response(..), RequestMethod (..))
+import Network.HTTP (ConnError(..), Response(..))
hunk ./Hackage/Fetch.hs 35
+import Hackage.HttpUtils (getHTTP)
hunk ./Hackage/Fetch.hs 50
-        eitherResult <- simpleHTTP (Request uri GET [] "")
+        eitherResult <- getHTTP uri 
hunk ./Hackage/Fetch.hs 65
-        eitherResult <- simpleHTTP request
+        eitherResult <- getHTTP uri
hunk ./Hackage/Fetch.hs 72
-    where request = Request uri GET [] ""
hunk ./Hackage/HttpUtils.hs 1
+{-# OPTIONS -cpp #-}
+-- | Separate module for HTTP actions, using a proxy server if one exists 
+module Hackage.HttpUtils (getHTTP, proxy) where
+import Network.HTTP (Request (..), Response (..), RequestMethod (..), Header(..), HeaderName(..))
+import Network.URI (URI (..), URIAuth (..), parseURI)
+import Network.Stream (Result)
+import Network.Browser (Proxy (..), Authority (..), browse, setProxy, request)
+import Data.Maybe (fromJust)
+#ifdef WIN32
+import System.Win32.Registry (hKEY_CURRENT_USER, regOpenKey, regQueryValue, regCloseKey)
+import System.Posix.Env (getEnv)
+-- try to read the system proxy settings on windows or unix
+proxyURI :: IO (Maybe URI)
+#ifdef WIN32
+-- read proxy settings from the windows registry
+proxyURI = do hKey <- return key
+              uri  <- regOpenKey hKey path 
+                      >>= flip regQueryValue (Just "ProxyServer") 
+                      >>= return . parseURI
+              regCloseKey hKey
+              return uri
+    where {-some sources say proxy settings should be at 
+            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ProxyServer
+            but if the user sets them with IE connection panel they seem to end up in the 
+            following place within HKEY_CURRENT_USER. -}
+          key  = hKEY_CURRENT_USER
+          path = "Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings"
+-- read proxy settings by looking for an env var
+proxyURI = getEnv "http_proxy" >>= maybe (getEnv "HTTP_PROXY" 
+                                          >>= parseURIM) (parseURIM . Just)
+    where parseURIM :: Maybe String -> IO (Maybe URI)
+          parseURIM = return . maybe Nothing parseURI
+-- |Get the local proxy settings  
+proxy :: IO Proxy
+proxy = proxyURI >>= return . uri2proxy
+mkRequest :: URI -> IO Request
+mkRequest uri = return Request{ rqURI     = uri
+                              , rqMethod  = GET
+                              , rqHeaders = [Header HdrUserAgent "Cabal"]
+                              , rqBody    = "" }
+uri2proxy :: Maybe URI -> Proxy
+uri2proxy = maybe NoProxy (\uri ->
+                           let (URIAuth auth' host _) = fromJust $ uriAuthority uri
+                               auth = if null auth' then Nothing
+                                      else Just (AuthBasic "" usr pwd uri)
+                               (usr,pwd') = break (==':') auth'
+                               pwd        = case pwd' of
+                                              ':':cs -> cs
+                                              _      -> pwd'
+                               in
+                           Proxy host auth)
+-- |Carry out a GET request, using the local proxy settings
+getHTTP :: URI -> IO (Result Response)
+getHTTP uri = do p   <- proxy
+                 req <- mkRequest uri
+                 (_, resp) <- browse (setProxy p >> request req)
+                 return (Right resp)
hunk ./Hackage/Upload.hs 8
+import Hackage.HttpUtils (proxy)
hunk ./Hackage/Upload.hs 14
-                        setOutHandler, setErrHandler)
+                        setOutHandler, setErrHandler, setProxy)
hunk ./Hackage/Upload.hs 53
+     p   <- proxy
hunk ./Hackage/Upload.hs 55
-     (_,resp) <- browse (setErrHandler ignoreMsg 
+     (_,resp) <- browse (setProxy p
+                      >> setErrHandler ignoreMsg 
hunk ./cabal-install.cabal 38
+        Hackage.HttpUtils
hunk ./cabal-install.cabal 63
+    if os(windows)
+      build-depends: Win32 >= 2
+      cpp-options: -DWIN32
+    else
+      build-depends: unix >= 1


[Initial attempt at command line completion
Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at>**20071219215747] 
[Added dependency on random. Needed by Hackage.Upload.
bjorn at**20071218111220] 
[Improve 'cabal info pkg' message when there is nothing to install
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071218004724
   "All requested packages already installed. Nothing to do."
 rather than:
   "These packages would be installed:\n"
 followed by ... nothing.
[Make logging and verboisty a bit more consistent
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071218004604
 Use the Distribution.Simple.Utils functions and eliminate use of printf
[Don't append '.' to filename in message. Make config file end in a new line.
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217234934] 
[Get the saved hackage username and password from the config file
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217234649
 rather than from the old ~/.cabal-upload/auth file.
 Now uses ~/.cabal/config with:
[Add Bjorn Bringert to authors and copyright list
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217224227
 Since much recent cabal-install work is his and he wrote cabal-upload which
 was just integrated.
[Remove unnecessary use of a type alias
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217223913] 
[Initial integration of upload feature
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217223748
 It still uses it's own config file, but now uses the same command line stuff
[Fix usage message, swap program and sub-command names
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217223620] 
[Remove redundant parameters
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217211141] 
[Add the cabal-setup commands: configure, build etc
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217210621
 So we now have the complete set of commands in one tool.
 This uses the new Command infrastructure to do two way conversion between
 flags as strings and as a structured parsed form.
[Add Upload module direct copy of cabal-upload
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217205813] 
[Add a verbosity flag to the info list update and fetch commands
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217190035] 
[Add command listing support
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217185912
 first step to shell command line completion
[installCommand only ever needs to use defaultProgramConfiguration
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217185811
 So don't bother making it a parameter
[Add in more global help text like that of Setup.hs
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071217185605] 
[Replace command line handling
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071215194603
 Use the new cabal command line handling infrastructure. Use proper flag types
 rather than strings. 
 Drop support for per-package command line flags as it was generally agreed to
 be confusing.
[Read/write binary files using ByteString without .Char8 modules
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071022222115
 ByteString.Char8 treats files as text files, which are really different
 on windows. We were getting CRLF translation in Windows which was messing
 everything up, like saving & reading the index file.
 So now only use BS.Char8 where necessary.
[Remove old non-existant copyright file from extra-source-files
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071021174954
 We only have one LICENCE file
[TAG 0.4.0
Duncan Coutts <duncan at>**20071021143856] 
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