"Setup.lhs: hope.cabal has been changed, please re-configure."

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Wed Dec 19 17:56:18 EST 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-19 at 22:08 +0700, Peter Gammie wrote:

> Ah, I had in mind nothing so complicated. I want a one-shot command  
> that does clean/configure/build/haddock/install/whatever else. I could  
> write a script but I'd prefer not to. I always forget at least one of  
> those and so things get out of sync and generally screwed up.
> runghc Setup DoItFromScratchAndGetOnWithIt --configure-opts

The nearest thing is:

cabal clean; cabal install --whatever-configure-options-you-like

Though this does not build docs.

> This implies that if someone wants to install my stuff, they'll have  
> to trawl my darcs repos and do a lot of it by hand. Can cabal-install  
> be re-targeted to say "prioritise those repos over these repos", ala  
> Debian's APT? If not, the above command would be super-useful.

In principle yes, you could make some kind of repo of local unpacked
build trees or remote darcs repos. It'd be a matter of teaching
cabal-install how to work with such repos.

> That's a shame, there's already the code in GHC and hmake... I hope  
> you can recycle it somehow.

What we need is rather more general, though hopefully there are bits we
can re-use.


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