[Hackage] #200: Allow more convenient use of ghc profiling options -auto and -auto-all

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Wed Dec 19 17:50:21 EST 2007

#200: Allow more convenient use of ghc profiling options -auto and -auto-all
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Ghcversion:  6.8.2          |     Platform:         
Comment (by duncan):

 Replying to [comment:2 guest]:
 > I think the best way is to pretend `-auto` and `-caf-all` don't exist.
 They are relatively rarely used, and when they are they can be passed with
 `--ghc-option=`, right?

 Possibly, I've not tried it but I fear that we call ghc for other purposes
 too and those extra flags might mess things up.

 > For whether or not to use `-auto-all`, the portable distinction is
 whether we are compiling in order to support profiling something else, or
 to profile this code in particular.

 Yes. That is a good portable distinction.

 > How about `--enable-library-profiling` for `-prof -auto-all`, and
 `--enable-library-profiling-support` for `-prof`? Better (shorter!) names
 welcomed; bonus marks if you can make `--enable-library-profiling` keep
 its current meaning without sounding too forced.

 Yes, if we can find a decent name and not change the meaning of the
 existing flag, which is already the right default.

 > For other implementations both flags might have the same effect.


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