[Hackage] #89: Sharing of object files between executable builds?

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#89: Sharing of object files between executable builds?
  Reporter:  bjorn at bringert.net     |        Owner:  ijones
      Type:  enhancement            |       Status:  new   
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 Component:  Cabal                  |      Version:        
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  Keywords:  jgoerzen at complete.org  |   Difficulty:  normal
Ghcversion:  6.4.2                  |     Platform:  Linux 
Changes (by duncan):

  * keywords:  => jgoerzen at complete.org


 Also requested in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=293523
 by John Goerzen (adding to cc list).

 The technical problem here is that we have to register the library in
 place and then do the build against that library. We also have to arrange
 so that when building the executables against the library, we do not end
 up pulling in the libraries source files in preference to the compiled
 modules from the built library package. That's a bit tricky if the library
 and executable source files share the same source directories as will
 often be the case. I'm not sure if it is possible with ghc --make to
 prefer the modules in a package to the locally found source files. If not
 then it would depend on Cabal doing the build without --make using ghc in
 single-shot mode. See #15.

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