[Hackage] #191: Hackage should check for common QA problems in ghc-options

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#191: Hackage should check for common QA problems in ghc-options
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 Component:  Cabal        |      Version:
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Difficulty:  normal       |   Ghcversion:  6.8.1  
  Platform:  Linux        |  
 Simple test that many packages have is dodgy ghc-options, or options that
 would be suitable for development but not release. It should be easy to
 check for these.


 {{{ghc-options: -Wall -Werror}}} is a very bad combination. It means the
 package will break silently as soon as the next version of ghc adds a new
 warning, which generally does happen every major release.

 {{{ghc-options: -fasm}}} is unnecessary and breaks on all arches except
 for x86, x86-64 and ppc.

 {{{ghc-options: -O}}} is unnecessary since Cabal does that itself and it
 prevents people from configuring with the {{{--disable-optimization}}}

 {{{ghc-options: -O2}}} may be necessary in some circumstances but people
 should not use it routinely for the same reasons as -O and since -O2 take
 a lot longer to compile most of the time and usually with little benefit.

 {{{ghc-options: -ffi}}} or {{{-fffi}}} use extensions:

 Once #190 is implemented then {{{ghc-options: -fvia-C}}} will be
 unnecessary too.

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