please help test command line handling changes

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Sat Dec 15 19:27:12 EST 2007

I've got patches for Cabal and cabal-install which change the command
line handling code fairly significantly.

In Cabal itself the command line UI should not have changed at all, it's
just refactoring in Cabal. For cabal-install it's all different as it
now uses the infrastructure from the Cabal lib rather than it's own

The main point of this change is to allow cabal-install to take the same
command line flags as Setup.hs but also to combine it with it's own
saved settings and then call Setup.hs to install packages.

We also want cabal-install to have the same sub-commands as Setup.hs has
currently so that it can become the primary command line UI for the
cabal/hackage system.

So I'd most appreciate if people could test the patches. You need the
latest darcs versions of Cabal and cabal-install and then darcs apply
the appropriate patch set.

for Cabal lib (HEAD branch):
darcs apply cabal-command-line.dpatch

for cabal-install program:
darcs apply cabal-install-command-line.dpatch



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