[Hackage] #116: Odd paths on Windows

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 11:05:10 EDT 2007


> C:\program files\common files\foo-1.0\mylibdata.txt

Eek. The purpose of Common Files is for things that are shared between
multiple programs, not for things that might move. Having C:\Program
Files\Haskell\Fixed would be a lot better than polluting a directory
that really should have been killed ages ago.

> where should documentation go?
> C:\program files\haskell\doc\html\foo\index.html
> C:\program files\haskell\doc\html\foo\foo.haddock

Anywhere you want, users will never find it without a shortcut on the
start menu or some UI in their interpreter. Users should not be
prodding around in Program Files, and in default Windows installs its
hidden and you have to click a message "i really know what i'm doing"
to see inside it.

> However, making libraries data files relocatable is not a simple task,
> so don't complain about the C:\program files\common files\foo-1.0
> \mylibdata.txt anomaly unless you have a good suggestion :-)

... text deleted since I don't have a good suggestion :-) ...



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