haddock.ghc, cabal, and web-based docs

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Fri Aug 17 18:57:12 EDT 2007

I had a chat with waern & eivuokko today on #ghc about support web-based
links for haddock.ghc, and I'd like to hear some voices.  The chat is at

The --read-interface flag has been removed in haddock.ghc, in favor of
grabbing the info out of package.conf.  Unfortunately, that change breaks
the only way I know of to get web-based inter-package links correct.  We
were thinking that there could just be a new, url-valued package.conf field,
haddock-html-web, to augment the local-path-valued haddock-html field.  In
addition, haddock could have flags --net-links or --local-links, to
determine whether to use haddock-html or haddock-html-web.

Then we'd want to have support from cabal, to pass the new field into the

BTW, I see "haddock-html" in my .installed-pkg-config, but "haddockHtmls" in
package.conf.  Is there some kind of translation magic to perform?


  - Conal
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