dependency analysis

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Mon Aug 13 09:35:25 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 13:38 +0300, Esa Ilari Vuokko wrote:
> On 8/13/07, Peter Gavin <pgavin at> wrote:
> > A few of us have been talking about putting dependency analysis into
> > cabal.  This, I feel, is something that needs to be Done Right :)  So
> > I've put up a page in the wiki:
> > <>.
> Yay! :-)
> > I want to write some code & get this working, but I also want to
> > coordinate efforts, as well as get others' opinions, because there are
> > lots of ways this can be done, and a lot of needs that need to be met.
> How are you going to handle dependency cycles - or must tools support
> breaking them?

For the moment we should reject them. However the dep chaser for .hs
modules will have to look for hi boot files so as not to create build
cycles for projects which have properly setup hi boot loop breakers.


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