Problems with "make" after "Setup makefile"

Simon Marlow simonmarhaskell at
Mon Apr 16 10:03:29 EDT 2007

Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:

> I've had a chance to try out your makefile patch for Cabal tonight as 
> part of pulling out cabal-rpm into a standalone program, and I'm finding 
>  problems with it.
> The first is with the code that attempts to use "mkdir" to create the 
> hierarchy of object directories.  It will in several instances try to 
> generate a directory without first having created its parent.  You can 
> reproduce this by trying to build Cabal in this way; it will fail 
> because it's trying to mkdir Language/Haskell, but does not first create 
> Language.  I've hacked around this locally by invoking "mkdir -p" 
> instead, but that's not portable to old systems.
> The second problem occurs immediately afterwards.  If you try to build 
> e.g. the binary package, it will fail almost immediately, as follows:
> binary-0.3 $ make
> Panic! dist/build/Data/Binary/Get.o exists, but 
> dist/build/Data/Binary/Get.hi does not.

Thanks, I've fixed both of these now, and checked that Cabal and binary both 
build with setup makefile.


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