Configurations proposal

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Oct 26 12:03:56 EDT 2006


> * Your example used [ os(windows) ]. However, the value for

Woohoo! Well done, karma++ - for being factually correct.

> I agree--I wish System.Info.os worked differently, actually. But, there are
> apparently some people (not me) that use Haskell on Cygwin, and they need to
> be able to detect it, because e.g. Posix and Readline are available on
> Cygwin but not Mingw. Maybe os(x) should be either "mingw" or "cygwin"?

WRONG! Plain on old flat WRONG! If you run WinHugs on Windows having
built WinHugs with Visual Studio, never even showing anything in the
build process either mingw or cygwin, then mingw is the
System.Info.os, which is, without a doubt, WRONG!

Perhaps this is the time for the Cabal people to push for a flag, which is True on Windows and False if not?
If you depend on an entirely wrong configuration variable, then that
makes your configuration entirely wrong. For information, Yhc returns
"Windows" if your OS is Windows - rather than returning the day of the
week plus the birthday of your best friend (which makes similar sense
to returning the installation status of an non-os component!).

/Here endeth the rant



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