Cabal vs Hugs

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Tue Nov 14 18:40:06 EST 2006

On Tue, 2006-11-14 at 20:30 +0000, Neil Mitchell wrote:
> Hi,
> (Not sure if this should go down the hugs list or the Cabal one, so
> taking a wild guess).
> Trying to install a Haskell package:
> C:\Neil\cabaly\safe>runhugs Setup configure
> runhugs: Error occurred
> ERROR "C:\Program Files\WinHugs\packages\base\Text\ParserCombinators\ReadP.hs":1
> 56 - Syntax error in type expression (unexpected `.')
> I know the reason for this is because ReadP uses a forall type, which
> hugs doesn't parse without the -98 flag. runhugs -98 Setup configure
> works just fine. Sadly thats not the best possible user experience -
> is there anything better that can be done? Does Cabal absolutely
> require ReadP?

Yes it does absolutely require ReadP, but here's the odd thing, we've
got a compatibility version of it for Haskell implementations that lack
it however the current #ifdefs mean that for hugs we don't use the
bundled version but just import the standard version that hugs comes

So the obvious solution is that we should change the #ifdefs so that we
use our bundled version of ReadP with hugs.

Want to send in a patch? :-)


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