Cabal + WinHugs + Windows + No C Compiler

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Wed Nov 8 09:48:33 EST 2006


> The main thing is to decide where data files associated with a package
> should be stored.  As I understand it, for Hugs on Windows the Haskell
> modules will be installed to
>         $prefix\Haskell\hugs\programs\<progname>
>         $prefix\Haskell\hugs\packages\$pkg
> for executables and libraries respectively.  Should the data files also
> go in these directories, or somewhere else?

Where do they go in GHC? Is that based on the location of the .exe or
not? I think I remember Simon changing it recently so the answer is
that its not. In which case, Hugs and GHC can have similar file



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